Klimkin: Russia will use Ukrainian seamen as a commodity to influence elections in Ukraine


Photos from open sources
Russian Federation will use Ukrainian sailors of war captured near the Kerch Strait as a commodity to influence Ukrainian elections.

This was stated by Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin during the opening of the exhibition of copies of old maps of Ukraine, reports Unian.

“We have signed relevant agreements with lawyers who will protect our guys. Today will be signed the last six agreements. We are talking about this with Mykola Polozov, who partially coordinates the actions of lawyers,” said Foreign Minister.
“January 17-18, Russia will try to hold meetings of its illegitimate courts. We are currently working to ensure that our seamen are given all possible support, and that representatives of our friends and partners also attend these courts,” Klimkin emphasized.
“At the same time, we activated absolutely all of our friends and partners to help us. I have already said, I believe that Russia will try to use, as always, it uses both political prisoners and hostages as a kind of product in order to influence our electoral process. And this concerns any elections,” he believes.

As reported by “Journalist”, Klimkin said that at the present time Ukraine is not ready to join European Union.

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