Amendments to Сonstitution regarding Ukraine's EU and NATO integration course were published on the Governmental website

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The text of the presidential bill on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding strategic course of the State for the integration into the EU and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada.
The purpose of the proposed changes to the Constitution of Ukraine is to implement a pragmatic policy of Ukraine to acquire full-fledged membership of Ukraine in the EU and NATO as strategic priorities of the State.
A proposal has been made, regarding existing military bases on the territory of Ukraine, where it will be possible to deploy foreign military formations on a lease basis, in accordance with international treaties.
It is noted that the adoption of the law will contribute to the implementation of the European and Euro-Atlantic choice due to the expansion and deepening of Ukraine's cooperation with the EU and NATO, until Ukraine attains full membership and strengthens her national security. The result of the law will be the guarantee of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
As The Journalist reported earlier, President of Ukraine signed the Law on Amendments to the Law on the Judiciary of Ukraine.

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