Minister Omelyan received 6 times more money than his salary

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Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan received in June of this year a salary 6 times more than his actual salary.

This is reported in the ministry's response to the relevant request writes Slovo i Dilo.

Omelyan received 63 thousand 600 UAH, and taking into account taxes and fees - 51 thousand 200 UAH, while his official salary is 10 thousand 400 UAH.
Ministry of Infrastructure stressed that Omelyan received premiums:

For intensive work in the amount of 10 thousand 400 UAH,
For long service - 5 thousand 200 UAH,
As a state expert on secrets - 2 thousand UAH,
For work in conditions of regime restrictions - 2 thousand UAH,
For the time spent on business trips - 19 thousand 600 UAH,
Premium for May - 11 thousand 400 UAH,
Holidays - 2 thousand 100 UAH,
Indexation for this was 236 UAH.

As The Journalist reported Ukraine can close the railway communication with Russia.

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