National Bank expects a tranche from the IMF until the end of the year

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By the end of this year, National Bank of Ukraine (National Bank) expects to reach a consensus in negotiations with International Monetary Fund (IMF) and receive a tranche. This is written by Radio Svoboda with reference to official statement of head of NBU, Yakov Smoliy.

«We predict that negotiations with the IMF mission will be successful and we will reach a consensus on obtaining the next tranche before the end of the year», said Smoliy.

Size of tranche expected from IMF was not named by Smoliy.
According to Smoliy, decline in inflation directly depends on how successful Ukraine's cooperation with IMF will be.

«Receiving credit from the Fund and related financing from other partners of Ukraine will help strengthen macrofinance stability and serve as a positive signal for market participants regarding further progress in the implementation of reforms in Ukraine», head of National Bank said.

Today, on September 6, work of mission of International Monetary Fund started in Kyiv, which will last until September 19, 2018. According to permanent representative of fund in Ukraine, Jost Ljungman, during the visit, the mission representatives will review the latest economic developments and economic policy.

As previously reported by The Journalist National Bank sold at auction $ 40 million to contain the depreciation of the hryvnia.

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