New western region's military prosecutor was appointed in Ukraine

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The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine has appointed Vitali Vdovitchenko as the military prosecutor of the Western region of Ukraine. This was reported by the press secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

«In August 8, 2018, the Deputy Prosecutor General and Chief Military Prosecutor, Colonel General of Justice Anatolii Matios presented the new military leader, Colonel of Justice Vitali Vdovitchenko (who previously served as the first deputy military prosecutor of the United forces), to the staff of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Western Region of Ukraine,» - message.

The deputy military prosecutor of the region became Colonel of Justice Serhiy Kotsyuba, and the deputy military prosecutor of the Lviv garrison became Major of Justice Vitali Gorpinich.
As The Journalist reported earlier, Kiev Mayor Klitschko made several important appointments.

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