Oleg Sentsov: I'm not giving up

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Photo by: narodna-pravda.ua

According to UNIAN, Oleg Sentsov's lawyer Dmytro Dinze visited him in the colony. According to the lawyer, Sentsov's condition is worsening, but he refuses to be hospitalized.

Yesterday, on August 7th, Dinze published a new appeal from his client on his Facebook page.
«I'm not sick, but I'm starving and I'm not going to stop. Thanks to all. Hello everyone. Glory to Ukraine!», Sentsov noted in his message.

Dinze stressed that Sentsov does not believe in protective measures from Russia.

«Previously, he was brought to a civil hospital for examination and the possibility of placement in a medical institution of a civilian type. Head doctor, as he found out who was brought to him, said that he would tie Oleg to a hospital bed, stuff him violently with medical preparations and artificial nutrition», lawyer wrote on Facebook the day before.

As UNIAN reports, referring to the information received from the lawyer, Sentsov had a very low pulse (about 40 beats per minute) and hemoglobin decreased severely, which led to anemia.

Earlier The Journalist reported, that The Guardian published an open letter from writer Jonathan Littell to Oleg Sentsov.

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