Numbeo: Ukraine has the cheapest Internet in the world

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According to the results of the Numbeo research, Ukraine has the lowest Internet tariffs in the world.

Numbeo denoted average prices in US dollars per month for unlimited Internet speeds (more than 60 MB per second). At least 546 cities of the world were taken to the consideration. According to the published data, the most expensive Internet tariffs are in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia, USD 244.76), Hamilton (Bermuda, USD 149.45), Harare (Zimbabwe, USD 124.70), Abu Dhabi (UAE, USD 116.84) and Anchorage (The USA, USD 105.64). In turn, the lowest tariffs for unlimited high-speed Internet were recorded in Odessa (USD 4.63), Kiev (USD 4.34), Dnipro (USD 4.28), Lviv (USD 3.93) and Sumy (USD 3.01).
Let's remind, that Numbeo is one of the largest crowd-sourced global databases of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. The company provides information on living conditions, including consumer prices, housing indicators, quality of health care, transportation, perceived crime rates and pollution.
As The Journalist reported earlier, according to the results of the poll it became known what makes Ukrainians happy.

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