Condemned in Crimea Ukrainian Lymeshko was sent to Russia

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Convicted in the annexed Crimea to 8 years imprisonment Ukrainian Gennadiy Lymeshko was sent to Russia, said journalist Anton Naumliuk.

«Convicted for eight years of imprisonment on charges of illegally manufacturing, transporting and storing ammunition and explosives, Gennadiy Lymeshko is sent from Simferopol to serve his sentence. At the moment, Lymeshko is in Krasnodar. According to preliminary information, he can be sent to Kabardino-Balkaria, Saratov or to leave in the Krasnodar Territory», - quotes Naumuliuk Crimea.Reality.

Recall that the FSB on August 12th, 2017 reported on the detention in the occupied Crimea of a man whom they called the «agent of the Security Service» and accused of preparing sabotage on the peninsula.
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian citizen Lymeshko, who was detained in the Crimea and the «FSU agent» declared by the FSB of Russia, served in Armed Forces of Ukraine under contract and was dismissed in May 2017 because of service inconsistency.

As The Journalist reported the special representative of Putin said that the war in Donbass will not end until the power in Kyiv changes.

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