State Emergency Service fire helicopter fell into the river near Kharkiv

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Photo: from open sources

On the eve, on September 6, in the Kharkiv Oblast State Emergency Service (SSES) helicopter which was extinguishing a forest fire in vicinity of the village, crashed near village Natalino, Krasnogradskiy district.
This was reported by the head of Investigation Department of Main Department of National Police in the Kharkiv oblast Serhii Chizh, reports Unian.

«The investigators of Main Department of Kharkov Oblast Prosecutor's Office worked at the scene of the accident. A check is being carried out», said Chizh.

He noted that he does not know whether the criminal proceedings are open, because «this is the investigation of the prosecutor's office».

Chizh also added that no one was injured at the site of the helicopter crash.
According to regional department of the Federal State Dispatch Service, information about the fire in the forest near the village Natalino arrived on the eve at 14.18. Because of the wind, the fire of coniferous litter spread to an area of about 5 hectares.

Publication of KHARKIV Today reported that, according to local residents houses were burnt on outskirts of the village. Later it became known that a helicopter dropped into the river during the intake of water.

As reported by The Journalist in the network showed the video of the fall of the helicopter in Kiev.

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