Bird droppings were scattered almost kilometer long in vicinity of Kherson

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Kherson residents complain about an unpleasant smell in the air in all the districts of the city. According to assumption of The Department of Civil Security of the local regional administration, this is result of the disposal of poultry wastes, which were unloaded on the field near the city, Ukrinform news agency reports.

The Operational Group of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service found a source of air pollution near Kherson in the form of poultry waste, scattered on the field outside the bypass road near the village of Muzykivka (Belozersky District).

«The waste were unloaded on the field in an area of almost a kilometer long. The wind that blows in the Kherson city direction, brings the stench,» - the report said.

Now ecologists work at the area.
As The Journalist reported earlier, poachers poisoned wild ducks in the lake in the Teremki District of Kyiv.

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