Unknown people attacked activist who fighting against illegal construction

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Two unknown persons attacked and severely beat the public figure, Ihor Grishachev. The incident occurs on the territory of the housing complex in the city of Vyshneve (Kyiv-Svyatoshinsky district, Kyiv Oblast) This is reported by the «Obozrevatel» news agency.

«I have no domestic and commercial conflicts. The only conflict i have is concerning the development of a communal property land plot with an area of 10 hectares in Vyshneve, which is intended for the creation of a city park. This site is illegally built up by the company «Euro 2000»,» - said Grishachev, who was hospitalized with numerous injuries after the incident.

The victim reported that the beating was preceded by verbal threats.
It is noted that previously a young man as a part of a group of activists prevented construction work on the territory of this building.

In turn, the journalist and activist Evhen Deineka posted on Facebook, that the developer is going to erect 13 multi-storey buildings instead of the park for which the territory was allocated. This also was reported by Natalya Pashura.
As The Journalist reported earlier, the procedure for issuing permission for the construction of the hotel in Lviv was violated.

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