Poroshenko urged European colleagues to abandon Nord Stream-2

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko calls on his European colleagues to get rid of the Nord Stream-2.

The Head of State posted this on Facebook.

«Nord Stream-2 is the Kremlin’s Trojan Horse aimed against the European energy and, ultimately, geopolitical security,» - Poroshenko stressed.

The president believes that «the refusal to implement the project within the framework of the Third Energy Package of the EU and the deliberate failure of Gazprom to implement the decisions of the Stockholm Arbitration on cases with Ukraine are clear and unambiguous signals about the true motives of the gas pipeline and its potential catastrophic consequences for the European Union.»

«I call on the European partners to get rid of deceptive and pernicious Kremlin charms as soon as possible and firmly defend their own energy security,» - added Poroshenko.

As The Journalist reported, Nord Stream 2 pipeline is under construction in Germany.

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