Intelligence: in Donbass militants leave their positions with weapons

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Photo: from open sources

In Donbass, the number of cases of unauthorized abandonment of duty positions with weapons increased, spokesman for Ministry of Defense Colonel Dmytro Hutsulyak with reference to the Main Intelligence Department.

«Russian occupation forces are taking measures to establish the real number of personnel in the units and units 1 and 2 of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. In particular, during inspections it was revealed that some unit commanders hide losses of personnel in order to avoid punishment for increase of cases of unauthorized abandonment of military duty stations with weapons. At the same time, according to accounting documents, money was not paid to absent during last several months», Hutsulyak said.

Also, according to intelligence, in an emergency order elite security and special-purpose units were disbanded, which directly subordinated to former leaders of the so-called DNR. Personnel of disbanded units was transferred to the subordination of 1 AK of Russian-occupation troops, Hutsulyak stressed.

As The Journalist reported Zakharchenko's liquidation was directly controlled by FSB of Russia.

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