Robot Sofia with artificial intellect will visit Kyiv in October

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Photo: from open sources

Within the framework of one of the largest events of Eastern Europe in the field of business - Olerom Forum One 2018, which will be held in October this year in Kyiv and will be devoted to the topic «Human & Technology: Transforming Opportunities», Ukraine will be visited by the most developed in the world robot Sofia , which will be a guest of the business festival. About this writes edition

Robot Sofia is known for its ability to process visual information and recognize faces. The robot can reproduce more than 60 kinds of emotions, human gestures and facial expressions, and also «she» independently learns. Robot was created in company Hanson Robotics in 2016.

«Sofia performs with lectures all over the world, gives interviews. Sofia wants to have a family and believes that robots should have more rights than people, because they have fewer mental problems», report said.

It is known that in 2017 Sofia became a citizen of Saudi Arabia, and during 2018 she learned to walk and dance.
It is assumed that during the forum participants will discuss the trends of the future, innovations in business and how the strength of progressive technologies can serve the business and open new horizons for the development of Ukrainian companies.

As previously reported Journalist, a Chinese teacher-robot started working in Chinese kindergartens.

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