Russia does not guarantee transit of gas through Ukraine after 2019

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Photo: from open sources

Representatives of the Russian side at trilateral talks at expert level on gas transit between the EU, Ukraine and Russia, the first round of which was held in Brussels on 12-13 September, refused to provide guarantees of gas transit through Ukraine after 2019.

This was reported by the head of National Joint-Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine Andriy Kobolev reports Unian.

«The Russian side is actively lobbying question that there should be no guarantees of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine after 2019. Their task is not to give us these guarantees and to receive indulgence for the construction of the Nord Stream-2», said Kobolev.

«Accordingly, Ukrainian delegation takes such a position: transit of gas must go through territory of Ukraine, there must be market conditions and a very important point of our position - we propose and insist that the transit of gas through Ukraine be carried out according to European rules», added head Naftogaz.

As The Journalist reported in Brussels EU-Ukraine-Russia gas talks will start.

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