Since the beginning of 2018 in Donbass nearly 80 fighters were killed, more than 560 were injured

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Photo: from open sources

Since the beginning of the year, almost 80 Ukrainian soldiers have died in Donbass in Joint Forces Operation and more than 560 have been injured. About this informs the press service of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Lieutenant-General Anatoliy Petrenko told how many military personnel were killed since the beginning of 2018 in Donbass, and pointed out expediency of conducting a peacekeeping operation.

«The peacekeeping operation to comply with Minsk agreements is an absolutely logical initiative, which we are promoting in order to fulfill them. What actually happens? Minsk agreements were concluded in 2014-2015. But furthermore, the use of large calibers, unmanned aircraft continues, territories are mined, people are killed on those mines, civil infrastructure is destroyed, and Russian military personnel are on our territory. All is trampled ... What does this mean? This is almost 80 dead this year and more than 560 wounded», Petrenko said.

From the lieutenant's point of view, ensuring observance of a sustainable non-use of fire, withdrawal of troops can be achieved through strengthening of international component of pressure on Russia.

Earlier The Journalist reported that during the day the militants 20 times fired upon the positions of the JOF: two servicemen were injured.

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