Suprun: prevention of the most common diseases in Ukraine is one of the most important tasks of the family doctor

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Executive Minister of Health Ulana Suprun called the prevention of common diseases in Ukraine one of the most important tasks that doctor must solve. She stated this on her Facebook page.

«One of the important roles played by a family doctor in everyone's life is the prevention of the most common diseases in Ukraine. In particular, those cause 80% of deaths in Ukraine - cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases ... The number of visits to the doctor - unlimited! Everything is paid by the National Health Service of Ukraine (National Health Service of Ukraine). Preventive examinations, which are included in the free services of your doctor, are those basic things that everyone should do at a certain age or at certain risk groups in order to maintain their health»,- wrote Suprun.

According to Ulana Suprun, the way of life of a person and late appeals to doctors in case of a disease most often cause these diseases and deaths from them.

«When you have your doctor, you will visit him regularly, communicate with him for any changes in your health condition and undergo a survey, he will be able to identify risks in time. The family doctor will consult how to gradually get rid of bad habits, where to find additional help and move to a healthy lifestyle», - said Uliana Suprun.

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