The thesis of Stephen Hawking in 1965 was sold at auction for $ 767 thousand.


Photo: from open sources

The wheelchair of a deceased British physicist and writer Stephen Hawking went under the hammer for $ 393 thousand and his dissertation in 1965 for $ 767 thousand. About it reports FoxNews.

In London during the auction at Christie’s auction house sold the chair in which Hawking spent most of his life. In addition, a copy of Hawking’s 1965 dissertation was sold for $ 767,000.
The money received from the sale of lots will be transferred to the account of the Hawking Foundation, as well as the Association for Combating Motor Neuron Disease.
Recall Hawking studied the problems of the Big Bang and black holes. He also became famous as a popularizer of science thanks to his book «A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes», which was published in 1988.

Earlier, The Journalist reported that the world saw the latest scientific work, written by Stephen Hawking.

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