Ukraine shows a record-breaking level export of apples to Belarus, Moldova and Austria

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Analysts of EastFruit agency notes that in the period of 2017-2018, Ukraine exported a record volume of apples (for the past five years).

Compared to the previous season, the volume of export to the foreign market grew by 3.2 times, as the State Statistics Service of Ukraine reported. Almost half of the significant volume was shipped to the Belarusian market. It is worth noting that Belarus has increased purchases of Ukrainian apples by 2.1 times during the year.

Moldova took second place with a share of 19.5%, writes Agravery agency. The third place was taken by Austria, which bought apples exclusively as raw materials for further production of apple concentrate.

Next in the ranking are Hungary and Sweden with shares of 4% and 3% respectively.

As The Journalist reported, the arrival date of the barge of watermelons to Kiev become known.

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