Ukraine, Brazil signed agreement on mutual legal assistance

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Ukraine and Brazil signed an agreement on mutual legal assistance and legal relations in civil matters, Justice Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko said.

«We continue to expand a circle of partners and establish friendly relations between Ukraine and other states. As part of a short-term working visit to Brazil, we signed with the Minister of Justice Torquato Jardim an agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil Matters,» - Petrenko said.

Henceforth, the judgments of the courts on administrative, civil and commercial disputes will be recognized by two states equally and will be carried out without interference. In addition, Ukraine will be supported by Brazilian counterparts in collecting evidence and obtaining documents on relevant cases.

«But most importantly, our citizens will have full access to justice in both countries,» - said the head of the Ministry of Justice.

As The Journalist reported, Ukraine and Argentina signed an agreement on transfer of sentenced persons.

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