Ukraine sent information to the UN, OSCE, WHO and Red Cross about environmental disaster in the occupied Crimea

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Photo: Facebook Ismail Khalikov

Ukraine transferred information to UN, OSCE, WHO and International Committee of Red Cross on emissions of harmful substances in the vicinity of city of Armyansk in the north of the Crimea annexed by Russia. The representative of Ukrainian Ombudsman for observance of rights of residents of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, Ismail Khalikov, informed about this on his Facebookpage.

«It is troubling that the state of emergency has not been declared yet in this territory, and the fact that the population does not evacuate, and invaders continue to deceive people», Khalikov said in a statement.

Recall, in the territory of the occupied Crimea in Armyansk, there was a release of hazardous substances at plant Titanium Investments. The so-called local authorities ignore emergency situation. On the night of August 27, objects in city were covered with sticky rust. Local residents complain that it's hard to breathe, some have an allergic reaction. On September 3, toxic substances from Armyansk were found in air Kherson region.






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