Ukrainians are tired of political topics in information space

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The results of systematic studies of Institute of Mass Information allow us to state that Ukrainians are tired of excessive amount of political content in information space using hidden advertising, presented in the form of news, author's texts and analytics. This is written by Ukrinform with reference to the official statement of the Executive Director of Institute of Mass Information (IMI) Oksana Romanyuk.

«The amount of political «jeans» for now is the most extensive, since the winter of 2014. It is twice as large as it was in January of this year. All informspace is filled with empty messages. As a media expert, I see that they are all identical: «I will save Ukraine, I know how to do it». They differ only ideologically», Romanyuk said.

According to Romanyuk, today readers are mainly interested in so-called «yellow» publications, «shocks» and «sensations». On the other hand, local mass media are particularly trusted by users of network, in particular, they publish materials about events in this or that region.

«In the third quarter of 2018, the level of customized and inappropriate labeled advertising materials in Internet media has more than doubled. If in the second quarter this figure was 68 materials, in the third quarter their number increased to 159 materials for a week of monitoring in ten online media», report says.

As previously reported by The Journalist, in Myanmar two Reuters journalists were convicted up to seven years in prison.

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