Danes march in Copenhagen to protest ban on wearing face veils in public

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Protest actions are held in Copenhagen (Denmark). More than a thousand Danes marched through the streets of Copenhagen in protest against the new law, which bans wearing of burqa in public. This is reported by Radio Liberty.

According to the protesters, the ban on wearing niqab veil on the streets (the police is authorized to instruct women about the need to take off a veil or order to leave a public place - ed.) violating women’s right for their choice of clothing.
Note that the law, which was adopted in late May, caused controversy among citizens and the government itself. Authors of the initiative from the «Danish People's Party» argue that in this way they are fighting against extremism. However, the opposition sees in the law the restriction of human freedom.
As The Journalist reported earlier, the Netherlands banned wearing wearing face veils.

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