Fly prevented a world record setting in Germany

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Photo from open sources

In Germany, in the city of Nidda because of the fly, the world record for the largest mini-domino chain has broken.

More than 20 participants were building a row with 600 thousand stones for two weeks, and 596 229 pieces were already put in, as one of them was hit by a fly. The fall of the stones lasted for 15 minutes, writes sport.informator.

«Stones were about the size of a fingernail of a little finger. The fly provoked the reaction in advance, and we did not have time to restore all parts», event organizer said.
However, a new record was set for the creation of the longest mini-domino chain, but only in Germany (previously it was 538 thousand stones).

As reported by The Journalist in Kyiv a record of Ukraine on the mass coloring of eyebrows was set.

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