Farmer discovered an ancient tomb in Greece

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Photo: arxeion-politismou

In the Hellenic Republic, a farmer accidentally opened a tomb, which age is about 3,400 years. It happened near the village of Kentri in the southeast of the island of Crete, reports Arxeion-Politismou.

Making his small trip around the neighborhood, the man at some point decided to park under the olive tree. Suddenly he noticed that car literally began to go underground. According to farmer, a pit with a diameter of about one meter was suddenly formed under wheels. Assuming that crack is somehow connected with history, he turned to a local organization that is looking for and preserving ancient heritage in this region.

Team of archaeologists promptly arrived at the site and confirmed the assumptions of man. His car brought down a layer of land on tomb, which experts attribute to epoch-making stage of the Minoan civilization. It was built around 1400 BC. It so happened that the water from irrigation system washed away soil, which led to a collapse.
Inside the pit found a couple of closed coffins, in each of which scientists found one skeleton. They noted that ceramic sarcophagi, the so-called larnax, are characteristic of Minoan culture. They placed body of deceased or ash, which remained after cremation. Externally, coffins resemble wooden caskets. They are much shorter than body of deceased, as deceased was taken to place inside in fetal position.

In addition, tomb kept two dozen clay pots. They had colorful ornaments and posthumous gifts. They have become a kind of marker for archaeologists.
Tomb found consists of three sections, which are separated by limestone slabs.
It should be noted that for 3400 years it has never been disturbed by marauders. Entrance was sealed with masonry. It remained sealed all these years, so the entire contents of the tomb so well preserved.

Earlier Journalist reported that archaeologists had found the biblical place for the creation of the first miracle.

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