Ukrainians won four prizes at International Olympiad in informatics in Japan

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Photo: / The official website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

According to a report on the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science (Ministry of Education), at International Informatics Olympiad in Japanese city of Tsukuba, Ukrainian schoolchildren won four prizes. Young intellectuals will bring to Ukraine one gold medal, two silver medals and bronze.

It is reported that Daniil Smelsky became the lucky winner of gold medal, silver medals were won by pupils of Poltava Regional Specialized Boarding School at Kremenchug Pedagogical College named after Mackerenko Sofia Melnyk and Nazariy Denga, and graduate of classical gymnasium in Uzhorod, Adalbert Makarovych, received honorable bronze medal.

As noted in Ministry of Education, team from Ukraine in international competitions was formed according to results of training camps, which were joined by schoolchildren who distinguished themselves at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics.
International Olympiad in Informatics started on August 30 and will last until September 9th.
This year, more than 900 participants from 85 countries took part in the competition.

As previously reported by The Journalist, in Thailand at International Geographic Olympiad, Ukrainian schoolchildren won silver and bronze.

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