Institute of Hydrobiology named the cause of flowering of the Dnipro in Kyiv

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Photo: from open sources

Director of the Institute of Hydrobiology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) Serhiy Afanasyev said that the peak of the Dnipro bloom is in August, and the concentration of algothoxins in the river increases. In such water it is not recommended to swim because allergic reactions are likely to happen. About this informs RBK-Ukraine.

It is reported that in the Dnipro within the capital river blossoms in connection with the excessive spread of water caltrop.

In turn, the chief specialist of the ichthyology department of the State Agency for Fisheries Volodymyr Bakumenko said that the overgrowing of the Dnipro by algae has a great influence on the inhabitants of reservoirs.
According to the expert, the situation can be changed for the better, if you dilute the water caltrop in places of large distribution. But in this case a problem will arise, because the plant is listed in the Red Book.

«Every year we meet with the Ministry of Natural Resources on this matter, but no decision has yet been taken. A water caltrop must either be taken out of the Red Book, or worked out a mechanism for its processing. Officials do nothing, because in general in Ukraine this is rare plant. But in the upper reaches of the Dnipro, the water caltrop was in very favorable conditions. Both we and the activists often turned to the Ministry of Ecology, but there is no result in these appeals», Bakumenko said.

Earlier Journalist reported that jellyfish and sea fish-needle appeared in the Dnieper water area.

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