Ukrainian woman for a month and a half hides in Ukrainian embassy in Iran

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Photo: from open sources

In Iran, at Ukrainian Embassy, a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman has been hiding from her Iranian husband for a month and a half. The woman explained her actions by an attempt to escape from violence reports BBC Ukraine.
The woman is in embassy, because Iranian laws do not allow her to return to Ukraine.

«According to Iranian legislation, a woman who marries an Iranian automatically acquires Iranian citizenship. She can leave country either through her husband's notarial permission, or after a divorce, which is not the case in this case», said Suren Balyants, consul of Ukraine in Iran.

The situation is further aggravated by the fact that only men have the right to divorce if they wish. A woman, in order to obtain a divorce, it is necessary in court to prove the facts of cruel or degrading treatment, drug addiction, drunkenness or other dangerous behavior of her husband.

After her marriage, Ukrainian woman was sent to a family where she suffered harassment. As a result, husband cut her hands with glass, and she fled to the embassy, where she was given the necessary help. However, her passport remained with her husband.

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