South Sudanese Civil War ended

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South Sudanese five-year civil war has ended, after the current president and former vice-president signed a cease fire and power-sharing agreement. This is reported by DW.

The signed document notes, that in the country where the armed conflict between the Dinka nationality (to which President Salva Kiir belongs) and the Nuer people (to which the dismissed vice-president Riek Mashar belongs) has lasted five years, the power will be divided. According to the agreement, Mashar returns to his position as vice president. It is noted that Sudan played the role of mediator between the warring parties.

«I call on everyone as a leader of South Sudan that this agreement which we have signed today should be the end of the war and the conflict in our country,» - the report said.

Recall that since the beginning of the civil war, tens of thousands of people died, about four million were forced to leave their homes. South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011.

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