Unique item of ancient golden jewelry was found in Israel (PHOTO)

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Photo: Reuters / EPA / Daily Mail

During the archaeological excavations in Jerusalem, not far from the ancient Jewish temples, a unique golden zoomorphic earring was found, the age of which is about 2.2 thousand years. About this informs Reuters.

It is reported that the decoration was found during excavations at the parking lot of Givati in the city of David - a national park located in the ancient district of Jerusalem.

According to Israeli archaeologists, this finding indicates a Hellenistic influence on the local population in the III century BC. Researchers believe that the ornament belonged to the representative of the richest stratum of then Jerusalem.

The object itself is a gold earring, the ends of which are not closed, on the one hand there is a fine jeweler's work head of a deer or antelope (apparently it was made with the help of casting technique), along its length there is a winding of a finer gold thread.


It should be noted that near the earring archaeologists have found a gold bead with an ornament, dated approximately the same period. Found earring and bead will be presented at the annual archaeological conference in the city of David, which will be held in early September.

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