Law enforcement officers detained robbers in Kharkiv oblast

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Near village of Oskol of Izyum region, five men robbed Skoda driver, taking away $ 55,000 from him. This informs press service of the Kharkiv oblast.

Source reports that in the vicinity of Oskol village the Skoda driver was robbed for $ 55,000 and a mobile phone.
Law enforcement officers were detained. It was established that the crime was committed by a group of five men, including one citizen of Ukraine and four citizens of Azerbaijan.

Report notes that robbery occurred on June 9, 2018, when driver Skoda left car, he was attacked by several men wearing masks. They hit victim several times. And when he lost consciousness, took from his car $ 55 thousand and a mobile phone and fled. Opel without numbers attackers were set on fire and thrown nearby in forest.
Criminals are charged with committing a crime under part 4, article 187 of Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery, combined with violence, committed by prior agreement with a group of persons).

Now pre-trial investigation in production continues. The maximum sanction of the article provides for 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

Earlier Journalist reported that a foreign car with passengers was robbed on the Odessa-Kyiv highway.

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