Pug-dog was kidnapped in Kyiv

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Photo: Facebook

Pets are stilt more often in Kyiv. As the residents of the capital write in social networks, this is probably done for extorting money or reselling animals to third parties.

The newest case of stealing a pet happened on the eve, August 6th, near the Moscow Bridge. According to the mistress of the pug Marina Kaplan, unknown women in the park stole an animal.

«A dog disappeared in Kyiv - a pug Kasper! Last data: we saw how women who were resting in the X-park, Kyiv, near the Moscow Bridge, near the beach, around 3-4 p.m. of the day were taken with them. Return him! For reward!!! There is an addressee with a phone and a name on his collar!» - says the message.

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