Bronze 3.5 meters sculpture of Zombie Boy will appear in London

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Photo: from open sources

In London Museum of Science Rick Genest (known as Zombie Boy - Ed.) sculpture will appear. He was found dead on August 1st, 2018. About this informs edition of Dazed & Confused.

Zombie Boy statue will reach 3.5 meters in height. It will appear in new medical gallery of the museum in autumn 2019. Its author will be a British artist Mark Quinn.

Note that the first version of this sculpture Quinn exhibited in 2010.

«Most of all I like in Rick that his body is at the intersection of popular street culture, profound philosophical meaning and medicine», the artist said.

We will remind you that Rick Genest has died at the age of 32, having falling out from a balcony of the floor. His relatives are sure that the cause of death was an accident.
His first tattoo Rick made at the age of 15, soon after he had an operation to remove the brain tumor. World fame he gained after the appearance in Lady Gaga’s video for song Born This Way (2011).

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