Finnish and Ukrainian classical music will be performed at National Philharmonic

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Photo: Press service of National Philharmonic

Finnish and Ukrainian classical music will be performed at National Philharmonic
On August 16th in National Philharmonic of Ukraine music concert of Jean Sibelius and Valentyn Sylvestrov, a classic of Finnish music and classic (live) of Ukrainian music, who are connected with similarities in their biographies. This is reported by press service of the National Philharmonic

In the framework of one concert music of Sibelius and Sylvestrov will be played. The conductor will be Christopher Lyndon-Guy, soloists - Darla Diltz, Inna Galatenko and Oleh Bezborodko. The basis of the musical concert will be Academic Symphony Orchestra of National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

It is noted that Jean Sibelius and Valentyn Sylvestrov are united by a common feature of their biographies. Both of them, before devoting themselves to music, tried themselves in non-music educational institutions. Sibelius studied law at Law Faculty of Helsinki University, and Sylvestrov studied at Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute, which eventually left to enter the Kyiv Conservatory.

Both composers are united by a slow and unusual, fundamentally incompatible development of musical material, especially in symphonies. Therefore, both, despite the gap length in the era, sound modern.

Scenarios differ somewhat in the «recognition» column. Sibelius during his lifetime has experienced fame, which none of the academic composers received. The streets, squares and parks of the country are named after him. The annual festival Sibelius Music Week in the Finnish cities, in 1939 (Sibelius died in 1957), alma mater of the composer, Musical Institute in Helsinki, became Sibelius Music Academy. And now we can dream a little: in Kyiv a street and the square named after of Valentyn Sylvestrov appears, somewhere in Podol or Rusanovka districts, as if by the stroke of a magic wand, Chamber Concert Hall named after Sylvestrov, in every Ukrainian city there are Sylvestrov musical days and weeks every year.

16 августа в Национальной филармонии Украины прозвучит музыка Яна Сибелиуса и Валентина Сильвестрова, классика финской музыки и классика (живого) украинской музыки, которых связывает похожий сюжет их биографий. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба Национальной филармонии.

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