In Odessa oblast new solar power stations will be built

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Photo: from open sources

In two districts of Odessa oblast, solar power stations will be built, which will be placed on an area of 46 hectares. About this informs Elektrovesti.

It is reported that in Bolgrad and Kili districts by decision of Odessa Oblast State Administration will build two solar power plants on an area of 16 and 30 hectares.
Report says that the first SES is planned in the village of Krasnoarmeysk (renamed in Kubey) of the Bolgrad district, it will be placed on the territory of 16 hectares.

«The second solar power plant is going to be located near the village of Vasilyvka in Kili region. Projected area reaches 30 hectares, and area of historical heritage partially falls into this zone - a monument of local archeology is located at a distance of one kilometer from village. For this reason, studies should be carried out before commencing work», report says.

Earlier Journalist reported that a powerful solar power station would be built in the Kyiv oblast.

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