Video about the most unusual artists was published on the Internet (VIDEO)

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More than one million views get a 11-minutes-long video, which shows how different artists paint their masterpieces. This is stated by the «Mood Workshop» community.
It is reported that as of August 7, the video about the most unusual creative people on the planet has scored 1 million views. The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of the «Mood Workshop» community.

«We will not ask you who the artists are, because absolutely everyone knows answer. However, it turns out that artists are not necessarily those people, who paint on canvases with paints and brushes. It is impossible to anticipate the flight of creative thought, and sometimes artists come up with extremely unusual, and even incredible ways to express themselves. Do you want to know about the most incredible and original artists of our time?» - said in a statement.

As The Journalist reported ealier, Pavlensky was placed in disciplinary cell for refusing to withstand humiliations.

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