Council of Europe has changed the rules for travelers traveling to EU

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Photo: from open sources

On the eve of 5 September, at a meeting of Council of Europe, a decision was made to establish a European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) with aim of enhancing internal security of countries of the European Union and preventing illegal migration. This is the publication of Dzerkalo Tuzhnya with reference to press service of the Council of Europe.

With the help of developed system, preliminary checks will be carried out by citizens of countries that do not require visas and are going to visit the European Union (EU). ETIAS system is scheduled to be launched by 2021.

«The authorization will be online, cost € 7 and will be valid for three years. The main task of system is to increase internal security of EU countries and to prevent illegal immigration», report said.

As previously reported by The Journalist, Poroshenko guarantees Ukrainian students the future in European Union.

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