In Ukraine switching to summer time can be cancelled

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In Ukraine, they can cancel the transition to daylight saving time. Such a decision is intended to be adopted if a similar decision is taken in the European Union. About this informsUNN.

«The procedure for calculating time on territory of Ukraine is determined by resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 13.05.1996 No. 509: time of the second time zone (Kyiv time) with annual clock transfer on the last Sunday in March at 3:00 one hour ahead and on the last Sunday in October at 4:00 one hour ago», said in a statement.

It is noted that since Ukraine has embarked on a policy of European integration, the implementation of European legislation is envisaged.

«The existing procedure of calculating time on territory of Ukraine is optimal, consistent with international practice of calculating time, contributes to adaptation of entire spectrum of international economic, cultural and other relations, meets its geographical location. Considering foregoing, in case of the EU's decision to abolish transition to summer time, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will apply to Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the possibility of making appropriate changes to Order», report said.

Earlier The Journalist reported that European Union will not switch to summer and winter time.

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