25 modernized schools were opened in Ukraine

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Photo: from open sources

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the festivities on occasion of beginning of new academic year, which took place in Kyiv Lyceum «Naukova zmina», said that 25 new and fully modernized schools were opened in Ukraine, reports Poroshenko's press office.

«We are restoring infrastructure of Donbass. We are building new roads. We are building new schools and kindergartens. And 25 new and highly modernized schools have been opened in Ukraine today», Poroshenko said.

It should be noted that since September 1, a block of educational reforms «New Ukrainian School» has started in all educational institutions of Ukraine: schoolchildren will now study for 12 years, tabulations have been canceled, and homework for primary school students has been canceled.

Earlier The Journalist reported that online versions of free textbooks for schoolchildren have appeared.

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