Powerful shower flooded the streets in Zaporizhya (PHOTO)

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Several districts of the city of Zaporizhya were flooded as a result of a heavy shower. This is reported on the official website of the city of Zaporizhya.
It is reported that heavy rain lashed the city on September 10, in the morning. In several areas the streets turned into rivers.

«Cars literally «swim» while crossing intersection of Soborny Ave. and Lermontov St. People had to jump straight into puddles to get out of route buses,» - the message says.




In addition, one of the local television channels warned that «because of the heavy shower the «river» was formed along the Tyulenin st.»
As The Journalist reported earlier, a heavy downpour in the capital of Catalonia had flooded the metro and the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

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