Square reconstruction and installation of memorial to Heavenly Hundred is planned in Lviv

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Photo: Lviv City Council

In Lviv a tender is announced for the installation of a memorial to Heavenly Hundreds. About this informs Lviv City Council.

It is reported that a tender for the reconstruction of the park on Krivonos Street has been announced, within the framework of which a memorial is planned to the heroes of Heavenly Hundred.

It is noted that the deadline for acceptance of tender proposals is August 15th, inclusive, and August 16th will hold an auction, according to which the winner will be signed a contract for work.

According to the plan of the designers, the memorial will consist of spirit of the parts - a square with a stela on the upper terrace and a pedestrian bridge between the hills along the Krivonos Street, which will exit Zamkova Street, to the square and the stele.

It is expected that the work will continue approximately until mid-February 2019.

Earlier Journalist reported that the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity would be built according to the design of German architects.

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