Suspected in organization of murder of ATO veteran was detained

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Photo: from open sources

In the Zapirizhia oblast, law enforcement officers detained one of the suspects in organization of a contract killing of ex-member of the Anti-terrorist operation Vitalii Oleshko. This saidfirst deputy head of National police Vyacheslav i Abroskin on his page on Facebook.

«A 38-year-old man was detained - one of the suspects in the order and organization of the premeditated murder of August 31, 2018, Vitalii Oleshko», report said.

It is noted that after the murder he left with his family to the occupied Crimea, but, having calmed down, decided to go back. The detention took place the day before, on September 14.
At the moment, the search for other suspects in the organization of the crime is underway.

Earlier The Journalist reported that murder of ATO veteran in Berdyansk is custom-made.

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