Colored pianos were installed in the streets of Kharkiv

Photo: Kharkiv Music Fest

In the streets of the city of Kharkiv, painted pianos were installed again, which were remembered by the citizens last year and became a real art symbol of the classical music festival Kharkiv Music Fest. About this reports page of Kharkiv Music Fest.
To paint pianos is not a new idea that first appeared not in Kharkiv.

The unique for Ukraine project Art & Piano was inspired by “Play me, I’m yours and Sing for Hope”. All multi-colored, painted by design College team, instruments are in working condition.
In 2018, Art & Piano was attended not only by ordinary passersby, but also by students of 26 music schools in Kharkiv, who played Bach and these instruments 24-hours a day. This year, the organizers hope to attract even more children and interested people of all ages to perform on 10 pianos located in 10 locations.

Kharkiv Music Fest festival will be held in Kharkiv from March 23 to April 7 and will be dedicated to the Genius of Mozart.

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