In the Eurovision final Madonna will perform a new single and 30-year-old hit

photo from open sources

Pop singer Madonna will present her new single titled “Future” in the Eurovision final, which was recorded together with rapper Quavo.

As stated on the official website of the music contest, Madonna will perform two songs – the first will be “Like A Prayer”, which is a popular hit of 1989, and the second song will be Future, which the singer will perform along with the American rapper Quavo.

According to the organizers of the international competition, Eurovision viewers will be the first to hear Madonna’s single from her new album “Madame X”.

To perform the song “Like A Prayer” Madonna prompted the anniversary of the release of the famous album, in which 30 years ago this song was performed for the first time.

Previously, the “Journalist” reported that Madonna said that she was criticized for her age.

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