In the film about the last years of Vasyl Stus’s life, a scandalous scene with participation of Medvedchuk will be shown

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In the documentary film “Forbidden”, which tells about the last years of poet Vasyl Stus’s life, the scene of the court session will be shown, in which Viktor Medvedchuk, head of Ukrainian Choice movement, was a lawyer.

As it was reported Bykvy site in the creative team of the film, the scandalous scene caused a wide public response, after which it was cut out. However, then all the same was finished and returned to the tape.

The press service of Ukrainian State Film Agency stressed that in the scenario, which won the competition and received state funding, scenes with Medvedchuk were present.

“When the state contract is closed, State Committee for Cinematography looks at the already finished film, which should correspond to the scenario, which was announced by the producers at the beginning,” they explained there.

The scene in question shows the last trial of the poet, whose lawyer was Viktor Medvedchuk. Note that the politician did indeed practice law and defended Stus at the trial in 1980. Then Medvedchuk during the trial violated lawyer ethics, admitting the fault of his client for himself. The trial was held behind closed doors. Stus, in violation of the procedure, was deprived of the last word and removed from the courtroom. The sentence was read in his absence: 10 years of forced labor and 5 years of exile.

As a result, the poet died on September 4, 1985 in the Perm-36 camp near the village of Kuchyno, Perm Region (Russia) after a hunger strike in the punishment cell announced on August 27.

After it became known about the removal of the scene, Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman instructed the leadership of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and Ukrainian State Film Agency, together with the authors of the film about the Ukrainian poet, to do everything possible to tell the story of his life completely and without distortion.

Earlier, the “Journalist” reported that an action was held near Medvedchuk’s house demanding his arrest.

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