Massive evacuation of illegally parked cars began in Kyiv center

photo from open sources

On July 10, active works on the evacuation of illegally parked cars have begun in Kyiv. The Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko reported about this.

The mayor stressed that special attention of the inspectors and the police was focused on the cars left on the public transport lanes.

“The Kyiv Traffic Organization Center together with the city police patrol are working on facilitating of public transport. Cars along the Shevchenko Boulevard (from the Bessarabska Square to the Pobedy Square and from the opposite side) underwent a massive evacuation. And this is not a one-day action, and not the only street where inspectors, police and evacuators are working now”, Klitschko said.

As reported by The Journalist, Troieshchyna beach on Desenka River was opened in Kyiv.

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