Max Barskih told how got into a road accident

photo from open source

Ukrainian pop singer Max Barskih had an accident in Los Angeles, where for the past six months he has been working on recording a new album.

As the artist wrote on his Instagram page, he got off with minor bruises and scratches, due to the fact that he was fastened.

It is also known that the car of the artist began to smoke, and Barskih did not immediately manage to leave the car.

“I forget to appreciate every moment of my life. Today, being on the verge, I realized how important it is. Be attentive and appreciate all that you have, and everyone around. Be sure to wear your belt – it will save your life. I’m fine – do not worry. (I understood why this happened and learned the lesson),” the singer commented on the incident.

Previously, the “Journalist” reported that the singer MakSim got into an accident.

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