Two causes of premature aging are named.


Photo from open sources

A team of researchers from Italy and the UK found two factors contributing to premature aging of the body. In particular, we are talking about psycho-emotional stress and a tendency to frequent use of alcohol. About this reports bioRxiv.

200 people took part in a study in which they took samples of urine and serum. Scientists estimated the connection of their biological age with almost 100 thousand signs. In the course of this work, it turned out that with aging, activity of certain genes changes.
“Thus, methylation profile becomes different – in some parts of the genome (a set of genes) there is a shortage of methyl groups, in others there is an excess of them, which is associated with a high level of alcohol use, anxiety and stress,” the message says.
As a result, scientists said that alcohol and psycho-emotional stress lead to premature aging.
Earlier, the “Journalist” reported that the age at which the aging process starts is determined.

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