Odessa International Film Festival 2019 presented its image

Photo: OIFF

The basis of official image of Odessa International Film Festival, which developed graphic design studio 111room, this year were the work of Odessa photographer Oksana Kanivets.

This reports official OIFF website.

“I love OIFF very much – for me these are 10 years of bright summer months, this is a team that has become a family, this is our common passion, which has become a peculiar addiction and I don’t want to fight with such addiction. I am very pleased that our efforts make the festival better, bigger and more professional every year. You can look at Odessa in different ways, but for me the most interesting thing is to look at it cinematically. You can simply fix – and you can transfer the spirit and sensation of the moment through the lens of the lens. In the photos for the poster, I showed three states of Odessa: a relaxed, contemplating and generous southern city, ”says Oksana Kanivets.

The jubilee 10th Odessa International Film Festival will be held from July 12 to July 20.

As reported by “Journalist”, in Ukraine festival “French Spring” will be held.

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