Payouts for European Games-2019 winners have become known

photo from open sources

The Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov named the size of the prize payments for the winners and prize-winners of the European Games-2019.

Thus, the Ministry of Youth and Sports provides for the prize payment for the winners of the European Games-2019. Zhdanov noted that 50 thousand UAH are provided for the 1st place, 40 thousand UAH for the 2nd place, 25 thousand UAH for the 3rd place.

“If an athlete has won several awards, he or she will receive a well-deserved prize for each of them. For example, for two bronze medals an athlete will receive 50 thousand UAH. For two gold medals – 100 thousand UAH, etc. “, Zhdanov explained.

“By tradition, we will try to sign orders promptly, as well as to pay out prize money to our athletes”, the minister said.

The ministry reports that from June 21 to June 30 the 2nd European Games are going on in Minsk; the Ukrainian team (198 athletes) included.

As of June 23, our team is ranked third in the overall standings.

As The Journalist reported, the Ukrainian students won 52 medals at sports competitions in Hungary.

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